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Olive Branch


Learning Modules

Welcome to Olive Branch Academy's Learning Modules! Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to provide students with a well-rounded education, focusing on key subjects such as Mathematics, Language Arts, Creative Writing, Literature, and more. Let's explore each of these subjects and discover the exciting learning opportunities they offer.

Olive Branch Academy focuses on these main services to prepare students for success:

  • Ignite - Standard 4 Classes

  • Take Off - Standard 5 Classes

  • Individual tutoring for Mathematics, Language, Literature, Creative Writing, & Reading

  • Blast Off into Form 1 - seasonal

  • Public Speaking Workshop - seasonal

  • Rocket Camp - seasonal

Individual Tutoring Subjects

Olive Branch Academy: Group Services

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A customised, comprehensive and exam-focused programme to equip a small group of students with the tools they need to successfully enter Standard 5 with a head start on the curriculum. 

Classes are every Monday and Wednesday 5pm to 6pm for a monthly cost of $500.

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